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Multani Custom Homes is Tarion registered builder. We have been building homes in Brantford and area since 1987. Our goal is to provide quality homes to our customers at a price that is affordable. All our homes are built to last. We are committed to finding new ways to deliver good quality to our customers and to exceed our customer’s expectations, we do this by continuously improving our quality and by providing excellent after sales service. Our homes are built in established neighbourhoods offering many amenities to our customers. We can customize the interiors of our homes to suit the needs of our clients so you can enjoy your home the way you want it.


In last few years the company has moved into development of multi residential units in the Brantford area. We completed a 44 unit Condominium building and a 50 Unit affordable housing building. Then we expanded into Cambridge building a 50 Unit affordable housing building, and in Woodstock we converted a church into a 24 Unit affordable housing complex. We are currently undergoing construction of a 39 Unit apartment building in the Brantford area. In addition the company developed a 33 Unit housing subdivision on Jamieson Court in Brantford. The company has also developed a 13 Unit townhouse complex in Brantford.


Over last two to three years company has build an excellent reputation to develop good quality multi unit buildings. The owner Dalip Multani takes pride in building quality affordable housing which benefits a large section of the society. A very well known name in the city of Brantford, Dalip Multani has also received awards from the city of Brantford for development of Brownfield properties in Brantford.